Yesterday was another day of work, with some tasks beginning to be completed, other tasks were started. Some small wall tumbles were repaired, and work on painting the  doors of the church and schoolroom continued.  Each task takes several days – removing fixtures, rubbing down, filling holes one day. The next day, the doors are rubbed down and primed, the third day, the first gloss coat and so on. All this going on with the boats from Harris and Uig as well as the occasional cruise ship landing visitors who, quite rightly, want to walk through the church and schoolroom. We have also begun rubbing down prior to repainting the rhones and downpipes of the church, schoolroom and manse.

The Manse was recoated with nice white coating 2 years ago, but in places, this has flaked off. One of the tasks we have begun is to rub down the loose flaking coating with wire brushes, and recoating these areas. As one might expect, the area seems to increase dramatically beyond the area one first envisages..


Yesterday the repainting with bitumen of the rear roofs of houses 4 and 6 started – good fun, but very messy – Austin and Lucy started that task (Lucy is on one of the pics attached applying bitumen to the roof of house 6)

Today is Lucy’s birthday, so we presented her with a card and book this morning, and Malcolm is baking a cake for her as I write.

Today was a free day. Our second day of walking, and we went up the road towards the radar. There was the obligatory group photograph at the zebra crossing (shades of Abbey Road), views towards Dun, then on to the Lovers Stone where, if one believes the story, the ST KIldans stood on 1 foot  – everyone survived! On past the remains of the Sunderland flying boat, then the Cambir for lunch.  We came back via the Amazons’ houses and Tunnel, returning by the steep walk up to the top radar.

Tomorrow we have a cruise ship due to land 150 visitors and we have been asked to open the shop at 8.30, so our shop team has just increased to 6 of our group in order to allow them to work in rotation. The shop is “compact”, so we will need someone outside restricting numbers and asking people to take their HUGE backpacks off and leave them at the door. It is amazing the size of backpacks people come ashore with when they are here for 3 hours.

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