It was another beautiful day on St Kilda, we have been so lucky with the weather! Today was the Litter Pick on the beach with Ciaran the seabird ranger. There is a method all lined up for the work we had to do. All the litter collected is sorted, catalogued and weighed. The Marine Conservation Society use the St Kilda litter pick as a base line for other litter picks in the UK, as we are considered one of the beaches least likely to have litter. All wood is logged too.



The highlight of the day though, was the arrival of Kilda Cruises boat with David and Malcolm. It was planned for a trip around the St Kilda archipelago, not something that happens when you visit the island on a day boat. Craig and Ciaran joined us for the trip and it was amazing to see the island, it’s caves and cliffs from a different perspective! We saw sheep on Soay, and the seabirds nesting on the cliffs. 



Tonight we were told that the island was on Amber alert for a water shortage, and no rain is expected for a week. We put in place water rations on shower times, and all of us are mindful to use less water where possible. With the construction work being carried out on the island, there is a lot of additional people on the island to usual.


We had another fabulous meal from Hammie and after dinner, we headed down to the school room and the Manse to prepare for tomorrow’s visiting cruise ship which is bringing 300 passengers to the island. We then went for a drink at the Puff Inn.