It’s hard to believe we have been on the island less than 24 hours – the sun is still shining! We started Thursday morning with a tour of Village Bay with Craig, the NTS archaeologist then straight on to clearing watercourses starting down by the Featherstore and working our way up to just past House Seven by the end of the day.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the finished result of your work, and a thumbs up all round from the work party after unblocking a watercourse which had been causing the path to flood!

 While the majority of the work party worked on watercourses, Phil, our newly appointed / fell into the role of handyman is fixing door handles, locks, taps and generally working out what lives where.  Diane, Helen and Lucy learnt how to run the St Kilda Club Shop with the help of John, ready to greet and serve the day boat passengers.


After a delicious dinner, we headed down to the Puff Inn for quiz night, with Bee and Lucy on the winning team at the end of the evening.


Friday morning started off damp and misty. The work party split into two groups, with Bruce, Frances and Malcolm joining Craig to learn how to turf a cleit on the edge of the village area. Wet weather plans were put into action for the rest of the group, with them rubbing down paintwork on the Factors House and the Manse ready for painting.

Turfing went well, and Cleit 111 soon looked as good as the original photographs! 

All this fresh air and work makes for a very tired work party and we’re all ready for bed by 10.30!