Tuesday – half way through our work party and we found ourselves waving off Ellie and the rest of the Puffin counters on Kilda Cruises boat Hirta, as they travel back to Harris. We also said farewell to our Ranger John, who is off to the Arctic for the next four weeks. We welcomed Pete on to the island, who will be looking after us along with Craig and Ciaran for the remainder of our stay.

Above pictured, from left to right, Craig – NTS Archaeologist, John – Ranger and Ciaran – Seabird Ranger

Over the last two days we have been very lucky with some beautiful sunny weather. We have managed to get on with lots of our outside tasks including cleit turf roof repairs, painting around the Factors House and the Manse, door repairs, painting the roof of houses One and Two, along with running the St Kilda Club Shop in the Manse.

We found time for walks in the evening, including up to the Gap and the top of Conachair to enjoy the fabulous views over to Boreray and the rest of the island.

 On Monday we had some excitement when unfortunately a man from one of the day boats broke his leg at the top of The Gap. The Coast Guard had to come and ‘medivac’ him from the top of The Gap to Stornaway. Usually the Coast Guard comes out about twice a year – we have seen them twice since we have been here!