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The St Kilda Club was established over fifty years ago, to help conserve and protect the Islands of St Kilda, and raise public awareness of their outstanding beauty, animal and plant life, artefacts, archaeology and the buildings, culture and natural history.

The St Kilda Shop on the main island of Hirta helps us to fund a variety of projects through the National Trust of Scotland, in relation to the conservation of the islands, over recent years we have donated more than £50,000.

A Reunion of members is held annually, and a journal, the St Kilda Mail is published each year and distributed to over 800 members worldwide.

This year’s reunion will be on Saturday 21st November 2020 at Edinburgh Zoo.

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Club news

Royal Wedding Celebration on St Kilda

Hammie and I were up before the rest of the work party on Saturday to decorate House Number One for the Royal Wedding. We may have got a bit carried away with the Harry and Meghan bunting...   The work party embraced the spirit of the occasion, and Hammie organised...

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Clearing watercourses in the sunshine

It’s hard to believe we have been on the island less than 24 hours - the sun is still shining! We started Thursday morning with a tour of Village Bay with Craig, the NTS archaeologist then straight on to clearing watercourses starting down by the Featherstore and...

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We made it! Work Party One 2018

We awoke to beautiful sunshine in Leverburgh. We were quickly up, out and loaded then off in the Kilda Cruises boat, Hirta with David and Malcolm by 7.30am.   Three hours later we arrived at Village Bay, and a busy morning was had, with Orca, Kilda Cruises other boat...

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