As the mist and rain fell on Leverburgh on Tuesday morning we wondered if the moment we had all been waiting for would be delayed…

By 3pm in the afternoon the mist had cleared and the weather conditions were looking exceptionally good as eight of the work party gathered in the Am Bothan Bunkhouse ready for the Wednesday morning departure to St Kilda for the first Work Party of 2018.

The weather just got better and better as the evening went on, and by 7.30 we were looking at a 7am start to help load the food and bags onto the “Hirta” in the morning.

With all the work party now in Leverburgh, we gathered at The Anchorage for our evening meal, risk assessment talk and for the initial bonding of the work party. Phil won the golden star (and bag of sweets) for fully reading all of the risk assessment forms in advance!


Next update will be from St Kilda!