We awoke to beautiful sunshine in Leverburgh. We were quickly up, out and loaded then off in the Kilda Cruises boat, Hirta with David and Malcolm by 7.30am.


Three hours later we arrived at Village Bay, and a busy morning was had, with Orca, Kilda Cruises other boat right behind us – a cruise ship sitting waiting to bring passengers ashore and the landing craft unloading.


Craig, the St Kilda archaeologist with the National Trust of Scotland (NTS), and John the NTS ranger were on the pier to greet us, along with the welcome sight of a JCB from QinetiQ to help transport our luggage and all the food as close to the houses as possible. 


 A busy couple of hours ensued with the priority to get all the food up to House One, using wheelbarrows and human power! Somehow with all the unloading, sorting through and organising the food Hammie, our fabulous cook for the next two weeks conjured up delicious soup, homemade cheese scones and fruit cake for lunch.


As the work party settled in to their new home for the next two weeks, we organised kitchen rota’s and looked at the work to do over the coming fortnight.


Late afternoon, we walked out as a group to Ruaival to the Mistress Stone with cameras and binoculars at the ready for lambs, seabirds and other wildlife.


We finished the day off with a fabulous meal from Hammie, and a talk from Craig, John and the seabird ranger, Ciaran.


It’s hard to believe that we have only been on the island 12 hours, so much has happened and it’s only just begun! Work starts tomorrow…